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At Zest we have the right ingredients for an easy charging experience. A simple app, fully maintained high quality charge points, and access to support if you need it.

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A simple and consistent experience with the Zest app

The Zest app makes it easy to find an available charge point, start charging and manage a variety of payment methods. It doesn’t matter what type of charger you want to use, whether it has a display or not - with the Zest app the process is simple and identical every time

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Frequently asked questions

Zest app FAQs

Who do I contact for help or to report a problem?

For help with charging or to report a problem contact the Helpdesk at or call 0333 577 4245

For general enquiries please contact

How do I start and stop a charge?

You can start a charging session from the App, by selecting the connector that is plugged in to your electric vehicle.

Alternatively, you can scan the QR code nearest to the socket on the charger, and the Zest app will give you options to start your charging session.

The charge point has two QR codes – which one do I scan?

There is a QR code for each socket or charging cable. Scan the one nearest to the socket or cable you wish to use.

Can I charge my vehicle without setting up a Zest account?

Yes – simply scan the QR code on the charge point, enter your payment details and you can charge as a guest.

I’m not registered on the Zest app, how do I access my receipt for charging?

Non-registered users can download their charging receipt online via the following link, your charging session date and card details will be required to download your receipt

How do I obtain a VAT receipt for a charging session that I carried out via the Zest app?

A VAT receipt is created for every charging session. This is attached to the email confirmation.

How can I view my charging sessions in the Zest app?

Select Charging History from the Zest App menu in the top left corner of the Map page, and you will see a complete list of public and home charging sessions.

How do I change my personal details?

Select My Profile from the Zest app menu to change your personal details.

What are the benefits of signing up to your network?

Registered App users can access their complete charging and payment history.

How much does it cost to charge?

The price per unit of electricity (kWh) is displayed on the map section of the Zest app. There is a minimum charge of 40p, which is for the first 40p of power provided

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